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This is the Asian Art in London Exhibition for 2002.
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From the 7th-15th November, London's leading Asian art dealers, auction houses and academic and cultural institutions will unite to present an exciting programme of gallery receptions, auctions, lectures, symposia and museum exhibitions, as well as the Kensington Palace gala evening, for lovers and collectors of Asian art. Below please find a selection of offerings from some of London's leading galleries, including galleries and other members of Asian Art in London.

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Alexander Götz

Specializes in South and South East Asian art, including Neolithic pottery, Dongson bronzes, early Hindu and Buddhist sculpture from SE Asia, early Indian and Himalayan sculpture and Gandharan sculpture.

Tara Vajrapani Yakshi
Member, Asian Art in London  

Asian Art Gallery - Christopher Bruckner

Specialises in museum quality fine art from China, Japan and Tibet.

Maitreya Lacquer dishes Vajradhara
Member, Asian Art in London  

Nicholas Pitcher Oriental Art

Specialising in early Chinese pottery and bronzes from the Warring states to the Song dynasty.

Daoguang dish Foreign groom bronze zun modelled as elephants
Member, Asian Art in London  

 John Eskenazi Ltd

Associated with Oriental art for over 70 years, John Eskenazi concentrates on mainly Buddhist, Himalayan and South East Asian.

Mahavir Sarasundari Shiva and Parvati

Member, Asian Art in London  

Theresa McCullough Ltd

Specializing in Indian and South East Asian stone, bronze, wood and ivory sculpture, gold jewellery, ceramics and textiles.

Buddha Head Kumara Buddha Head
Member, Asian Art in London  

Rossi & Rossi

Specialists in Buddhist, Himalayan and, in particular, Tibetan paintings and bronze sculpture, and early Buddhist and Hindu art from India, both stone and bronze sculpture.

Buddha Arahat Lokesvara
Member, Asian Art in London  

Jonathan Tucker Antonia Tozer
Asian Art

Specializes in Indian, South East Asian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean works of art.

New Publication Reclining Buddha Terracotta Buddha
Member, Asian Art in London  

Arthur Millner

Islamic and Indian Art and related European Material.

Makara Head Bombay Ewer

Michael & Henrietta Spink

Oriental antiques.

Hevraj Arabesque Nawab

Francesca Galloway Ltd

Indian miniatures and works of art.

Member, Asian Art in London  

Anthony Carter

Chinese ceramics and works of art, especially jade,
lacquer, bronze, ceramics and cloisonne enamel.

Chinese figure of a reclining Ibex
Member, Asian Art in London  

Richard Barker Fine Art Ltd

Japanese works of art including netsuke, porcelain and lacquer.

A circular porcelain dish
Member, Asian Art in London  

Cohen & Cohen

Chinese export porcelain and works of art from the 17th and
18th centuries – from the rarest collectors items to the finest decorators pieces.

An Armorial Province Charger
Member, Asian Art in London  

Eskenazi Ltd

Dealers in early Chinese art, including ceramics, sculpture, bronze, jade and furniture primarily from the Shang, through to Zhou, Han, Six Dynasties, Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming to the early Qing period.

Two Rare Porcelain Fish Jars
Member, Asian Art in London  

Sam Fogg

Indian, Himalayan and Islamic art as well as Chinese printed books.

A Scene of Men Shoeing a Horse
Member, Asian Art in London  

Gregg Baker Oriental Art

Japanese and Chinese works of art,
specialising in paper screens and metalwork.

Japanese crane
Member, Asian Art in London  

Knapton and Rasti Asian Art

Chinese works of art, including collections of amber scholars' objects, glass and Ming and Qing jade carvings.

Yellow Glass Bowl
Member, Asian Art in London  

Simon Ray

Indian and Islamic Works of Art.

Member, Asian Art in London  

A & J Speelman Ltd

Dealers in rare Chinese and Japanese works of art, porcelain and bronzes including Chinese export and Himalayan art, Tang ceramics and Buddhist images and ritual objects from China, Tibet and India.

A wood head of a Louhan
Member, Asian Art in London  

Christopher Cooke Antiques Limited

Dealers in antique Chinese furniture and restorer of important Asian, European and tribal objects.

A  scholar's bed in jumu
Member, Asian Art in London


Dealers and restorers of antique furniture and arts from India, China, Japan and Tibet.

Jain book cover
Member, Asian Art in London

Jorge Welsh Oriental Porcelain and Works of Art

Specialising in Chinese Ceramics from the Neolithic Period(7000B.C.-1600B.C) to the Qing dynasty (1644-1911).

Tobacco leaf Tureens
Member, Asian Art in London

The Textile Gallery

Early textiles and carpets that express the highest and purest forms of texture art, including Islamic, Chinese, Far Eastern,
Indian and Asian.

Diamonds and Squares Dais Cover
Member, Asian Art in London

Hungry Ghost

Chinese 18th/19th century furniture and early period tomb pottery.

Duck Vessel
Member, Asian Art in London  

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