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Re: How did you become interested in Asian art?

Posted By: Nels Gullerud
Posted Date: Jan 25, 2017 (11:20 PM)

Hi Ray - nice to hear from someone awakening an appreciation for Asian Art. Like anything, it is helpful to pick a particular area to study or collect. Asian art is such a wide field, if you don't focus your attention on something specific, it can be overwhelming. For me, I began studying Tibetan Buddhist practices and learned about the different images and their meanings. They all were confusing at first, but gradually became like familiar friends. Now if I see Tibetan thangkas or other art, If I don't know exactly what the image is, it usually doesn't take me too long to figure it out. It is something you have a passion for and keep going down the rabbit hole learning a little more everyday.
If you don't have the funds to invest in art, spend time at museums. Examine collections to get a feel for the great works and what sets them apart. When you get to touch, feel and examine items, you are much more connected to them and have a tactile physical learning, not just intellectual.
I am fortunate to work at an auction house where all sorts of things come through the door. I get to research and learn about all sorts of items without having to invest a bunch into them.
The great people at this site are so helpful when you have a specific art question and can guide you where to learn more about it in depth. May you be on the first steps of an incredible adventure!


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