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Re: Re: How did you become interested in Asian art?

Posted By: Ray B
Posted Date: Jan 26, 2017 (04:11 PM)

Thanks Nels. It is indeed awfully overwhelming, particularly to a philistine such as myself that prior has never really much cared for art in general. Trying to figure out where to start has been quite daunting, started by watching this forum for a few weeks just to see what goes on. I've found myself going into estate sales recently, buying things for a bargain, and subsequently looking up what on Earth it was that I just paid $3 for. Picked up a nice bronze vase in such a manner, though identifying what it is has proven quite elusive. All I've been able to discern is that it is in the Ming style and that it must've been bought by the person who owned the house at an antique shop somewhere down the line. I hope to learn more about it as I grow more familiar with the field, but I've been enjoying these self-appointed research tasks that it isn't much of a chore.

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