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李月溪 Taizong war horse rubbings with calligraphy -Help Identify

Posted By: Stephanie
Posted Date: Nov 22, 2017 (08:52 PM)

I have two pieces of art which I am told are rubbings of the Emperor’s Taizong horses on paper scroll and I was recently told they bear the mark of Li Yuexi. Initially we had no idea (for years) or information on the artist mark but after research this past year we were informed the artist mark/seal on these two rubbings is that of Li Yuexi. The additional calligraphy with the names of the horses, Baitiwu (白蹄烏) and Shifachi (什伐赤) are believed to be the work of Yu Youren but we have no confirmation on that, that was just relayed to us based on the art and calligraphy. Any help identifying the characters of the picture or confirming what we have been told, is appreciated. Is the seal / stamp of the person whose name is 李月溪 Li Yuexi?? And are the two horse rubbings are from a tomb of the chinese emperor 李世民 Li Shimin?
They are on scroll paper which is mounted onto another material that appears to be linen. They were framed, sealed and purchased back February of 1953 by the Jean Bohne Art Dealers in New York City. She was known for fine art and antiques and had a gallery on 48th street back in the 1940’s and 50’s. They are still sealed in the original frame with the gallery seal. I have been hesitant to open the back up to see if there is anything else in fear it would result in damage to scroll paper/art.

They measure about 66.09 cm x 53.34 cm (26” x 21”) each. Any help with identification of the seal/mark and artwork is appreciated. Thank you.

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