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Re: Re: 李月溪 Taizong war horse rubbings with calligraphy -Help Identify

Posted By: Susan Stone
Posted Date: Apr 25, 2020 (05:52 PM)

I have an exact copy of this chinese stone rubbing. It was obtained by my Chinese Aunt for my mother (her sister-in-law) in the late 1950's or 1960's. I know my aunt had to smuggle it out of China. I arrived folded up. My mother had it framed and it now hangs in my home. Here are the notes my mother left me about it. "The rubbings are from the six bas-reliefs adorning the entrance to the tomb of Emperor T'ang T'ai-T'sung mountains of Shensi Province in China. They depict the Emperor's favorite horses and the ones with arrows in them were the ones wounded in the battlefield when the Emperor rode them to war. The original paintings from which the bas-reliefs were developed were made by Yen Li-Pen about 637 A.D. when Emperor Tai-T'sung was at the height of his glory. Later, during the Sung Dynasty (960 to 1279 A.D.), Yen's Paintings inspired master carvers to execute cameo-like copies in bas-relief on stone slabs, each approximately 65 inches wide and 53 inches high. The artist, Yen is known to have excellently depicted the details of the war horses of that perior, i.e. the T'ang Dynasty, and they are know as the "T'ang horses".

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