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Japanese paint and calligraphy

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Jun 22, 2017 (08:47 PM)

thanks for sharing that, your friend is quite right, the inscription is a transcription of the poem, which seems to be the third in a group of four poems called "Autumn Thoughts" 秋思. The text is below but I dont' see an English translation anywhere easily (there's a similar poem online it's not this one; Lu composed some 10,000 poems):


Following the poem are three smaller characters that mean: "By Lu You", though the name used for Lu here is his nickname, 放翁.

What I misread as the cyclical date 戌子 is instead 成子, which appears in the poem's second line, so ignore all mention of 1948.

Also, despite the similarity you noticed, I think we can put aside any connection with Tessai.

None of which gets us any closer to identifying who painted your picture!

The only new information I can see is in the clearer image of the first artist's seal, which seems to read 不考洞x (meaning that I don't know the final character and am not confident I have the right reading for the second one either). Hopefully others will have some better insights

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