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Subject:18th Century Cloisonne Painted Bowl?
Posted By: Jim Fri, Oct 19, 2007 IP:

This bowl is about 9 � inches wide and it�s similar design was compared to an 18th century bowl with a covering lid. So I�m guessing that this was also meant to have a lid on top? Can I get any opinions on this?


Subject:Re: 18th Century Cloisonne Painted Bowl?
Posted By: Phillip Adams Sat, Oct 20, 2007

Dear Jim,
This cloisonne bowl was purchaced in Hong Kong in the mid 1950s by an uncle of mine. He was not a collector and it was in fact purchased by him for use as an ashtray!
It is 14cms [5 1/2 inches] in diameter and although the decoration is simpler, I believe it and your bowl are contemporaneous. I suspect they were both made in the mid 1950s,
Phillip Adams

Subject:Re: 18th Century Cloisonne Painted Bowl?
Posted By: Doug and Moyra Sat, Oct 20, 2007

Hello Jim.

You have a nice quality piece of Chinese cloisonne, and yes it may have come with a lid. As for dating, we would be inclined to date it early to mid 20th C. The cloud diaper pattern was a 19th and 20th C style not found before Jiaqing. The older (19th C) cloud diapers tended to be large and stylized similar to carved lacquer, and as time went on the clouds became smaller and more symmetrical. The clouds on your piece are slightly larger than those on modern Jingfa pieces indicating a little older - but not too much. The early 20th C pieces tend to have really heavy machined footrims, and as time progressed the footrims became thinner. Yours is fairly heavy. Generally older pieces develop a little patina on the copper and yours looks fairly new - but sometimes people polish these things so that is not an accurate way to date. The smooth dark blue counter-enamel is squarely 20th C - used right up to today. General enamel colors look first half 20th as well.

Our best guess, Republic period.


Doug & Moyra

Subject:Re: 18th Century Cloisonne Painted Bowl?
Posted By: Jim Sat, Oct 20, 2007

Thank you Phillip, Doug and Moyra! I notice that the bowl Phillip posted was all Cloisonne (Nice), where mine is just painted, but still nice. The information about the cloud diapers and the footrims is also greatly appreciated!!!

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