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Subject:Rank Badge / Buzi
Posted By: jeff sutton Mon, Mar 25, 2024 IP: 2600:6c67:2cf0:c10:b

I was wondering if anyone had seen a rank badge with similar features. This has a Crane that would signify a 1st rank civil badge but it isn't centered and I'm not sure about the meaning of the deer and aquatic creature that is in the middle. I've added addition detailed pictures at - Thanks for taking a look - Cheers

Subject:Re: Rank Badge / Buzi
Posted By: Eric P Tue, Mar 26, 2024

Hi Jeff, the embroidery technique is known as 打籽绣 or grain stitch. It is commonly used by the Han and ethnic minority groups such as the Miao of China.

Although grain stitch embroidery can be used for rank badges, I don't think this object is a buzi because neither the Ming or Qing government officials d fish as the central animal.

However, Since you have two pieces in symmetry, I would assume that it is also used as a decoration on clothing.

Subject:Re: Rank Badge / Buzi
Posted By: Aaron at APEX Sun, Mar 31, 2024

Although fish aren't used on buzi, cranes are and there's one of those present too however (as mentioned) buzi tend to follow very strict formula of design so they are universally understood by all echelons of society.
That said, it is an interesting attire accoutrement at very least. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |