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Subject:Help me ID this vase
Posted By: chickdee19822 Mon, Mar 25, 2024 IP:

Could anyone provide more insight on this vase? The seal says Qianlong. Does it look that old? Also wonder its value on the market right now. Thank you.

Subject:Re: Help me ID this vase
Posted By: Madria Thu, Mar 28, 2024

I hesitate to use the word "forgery". But in my eyes, it's probably a modern piece. There are simply too many important-looking auction seals that appear to be placed too symmetrically. There is often a deceptive intention behind too much documentation. Of course it is worth looking at the 2001 catalogue of Phillip's Asian Art Sale before buying. If anyone has it, please post it here. Unfortunately I have to inform you that I have found an ebay seller who is selling an almost identical item. He is selling it way too cheap for a Qinalong original, which is definitely not a good sign. It has the same stickers, in the same arrangement as yours with the same lot number, only the bottom sticker is printed differently (more sensible for a collector's label). Why would a collector print a label that says "This baby comes from China"? That is silly.
It also happens to be a monochrome vase, which is difficult to judge stylistically. Everything is highly suspicious. There is far too much risk involved in this purchase without ever having held the object in your hand. I would advise everyone to keep their hands off it.

With kind regards


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