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Subject:Expertise valued on Lotus bowl
Posted By: Madria Thu, Mar 14, 2024 IP:

Dear forum,
I am again hoping for your expertise / opinion. This time it is concerning these two interesting pieces. What do you think about this pair of lotus bowls? D. 5.12 inch H. 1.38 inch.
I would be particularly interested in your opinions regarding age, motif, special features and colour tone (have you ever seen a piece with a comparable shade of brown?) as well as chracteristics of the mark. There is already a time estimate, which I may put up for discussion after the answers. For the moment, I would appreciate your uninfluenced opinion. If required and if there is interest, I can provide more photos in the course of time.

With kind regards


Subject:Re: Expertise valued on Lotus bowl
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Mar 14, 2024

I've never run across this lotus pattern or any other dish I can remember with a Batavian type ground in the cavetto and blue-green on the base. I checked the mark against the Mainland China-published “Collection of Classical Markings on Chinese Historical Porcelains” (Zhongguo lidai taoci kuanzhi dadian - 中国历代陶瓷款识大典) and (Tony) "Allens Antique Chinese Porcelain - The Detection of Fakes" and could find nothing matching the Daoguang mark with irregularly written characters seen above. As such I would hold these bowls to be suspect, possible modern.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Expertise valued on Lotus bowl
Posted By: Madria Sat, Mar 16, 2024

Thanks for your assessment and for checking, Bill. I have similar issues, especially with the brown enamel and the spelling of the "Guang" mark. I also think it is not Daogunag (and I checked with Allens as well) Could this be possibly a Republic period piece in your opinion?

With kind regards

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