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Subject:Japanese bowl
Posted By: Brett Tue, Mar 12, 2024 IP:

Is this Nippon? Can anyone tell me what the mark says and a rough estimate of age. Thanks for the help

Subject:Re: Japanese bowl
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, Mar 13, 2024

The mark reads: Shimamura 島村 Sei 製 (made by Shimamura). It's a mark of the Shingo Shimamura shop.

Shingo Shimamura had a decorating shop in Kyoto. It specialized in the mass production of export ware for which there was no domestic market in Japan.
He was an active participant at the World Trade Fair of Chicago in 1904, where he exhibited expertly made porcelain with lavish moriage slip decoration on eggshell porcelain that was particularly well received by the American public.

So I guess your item is from around 1900-1910.
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