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Subject:Taoism Iconography Carving
Posted By: William Tue, Mar 05, 2024 IP: 2601:152:4e00:c9f0:d

While I have been/read on this forum before, this is the first time posting.
Perhaps I should ask if anyone is able to use the URL (Google Photos album/folder) and see the video and images.

Tao Sages
- 15 x 9 x 3 inch => (38 x 23 x 7.5 cm)
- 23.5 lb => (10660 gm = 10.660 kg)
Google Photos album/folder

Any comments/thoughts related to understanding of this carving would be very much appreciated, whether in terms of the Taoism iconography or valuation of the piece.

An appraisal was done in 03/2020, and now four years latter 03/2024; interested in how that valuation may have changed - more, less, same?
If the Chinese economy continues to do poorly, will the valuation of jadeite/nephrite carvings in the US be effected?
Especially interested in decorative carvings grade jadeite/nephrite.

Thank you in advanced for any of your time/comments


Subject:Re: Taoism Iconography Carving
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Mar 06, 2024

The figures possibly are the three Chinese Star Gods. See image and embedded link below for a brief description. You can get more detailed info at the Wikipedia link below this comment. The photo in it is a bit misleading in describing the gods’ hierarchy. As pictured, Longevity (Shou) stands at the left, Wealth or Fortune (Fu) is in the middle and Scholarly Prosperity (Lu) holds a male child at the right. Usually, the God of Wealth is somewhat taller than the other two.

Best regards,

Bill H

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