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Subject:Scroll. Please help to ID
Posted By: dana Mon, Mar 04, 2024 IP:

Scroll. Please help to ID

Subject:Re: Scroll. Please help to ID
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, Mar 08, 2024

In the early spring the greenery is heavy in the mist and the gurgling sounds of the stream can be heard
There comes a woodcutter carrying firewood on his
back and his clothes are wet
In the early spring of the Year of Water-Dog (1982) after the technique of Wu Zhonggui*
Painted by Xu Li at Nanlou in Shanghai's western suburb

I cannot identify the painter, I don't think he is identical to the contemporary oil-painter of the same name.

* Wu Zonggui a.k.a. Wu Zhen 1280-1354
Yuan dynasty painter 

With regards,
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