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Subject:Moribana Style Ikebana Vase
Posted By: Thomas Fri, Nov 03, 2023 IP:

I am in possession of a lovely Ikebana Vase made in what I believe is the Moribana style, it stands at a height of 8 inches and weighs 21.0 ounces, inclusive of the porcelain insert. I have included a link to my website where you can view pictures of the item. Please be aware that my research on this item is ongoing, and thus the information provided on my site, including the price, is subject to change. Currently, the availability status of this item is solely intended to grant you access to the pictures I have taken and other pertinent details in the description. Regrettably, I have no information regarding the vase's previous owners, and the only discernible marking is "3-" which I am uncertain of its significance in relation to the vase. If there is any further information you require, please let me know. What I am ultimately hoping for is information and a fresh pair of eyes to see if I missed anything that could tell me more on whether this item is 100 years old, older or if it appears to be more recent. Also, if I have correctly determined its style of Ikebana, I eagerly anticipate your responses.


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