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Subject:Chinese turquoise monochrome vase
Posted By: Chris J. Thu, Nov 02, 2023 IP:

In my opinion this turquoise blue splashed crackle vase is from late Ming or early Qing. Am I right? Any opinion is welcome. The vase is ca. 30 cm high.

Subject:Re: Chinese turquoise monochrome vase
Posted By: Robert Fri, Nov 03, 2023

Nice vase with nice turquoise blue color, which I believe is derived from copper in an ash-fluxed glaze. Buff-brown stoneware clay rather than porcelain. I think it's most likely Chinese, probably from the Shiwan kilns near Foshan in Guangdong. I have a somewhat similar vase, certainly Shiwan, with a blue 'hare's fur' glaze derived from rice straw ash-iron. Like yours it has a high, square cut footring, but with a clear glaze inside showing the coffee colored clay. It may be early Qing. However, Shiwan wares are very diverse and can be difficult to date. Even museums such as the Freer-Sackler have started assigning wide date range estimates, e.g., mid-17th to 19th century, to many of their pieces.

Subject:Re: Chinese turquoise monochrome vase
Posted By: Chris J. Sat, Nov 04, 2023

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