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Subject:Tea set identification
Posted By: Sarah Tue, Aug 22, 2023 IP: 2001:8004:50f2:924:b


I inherited a full ‘dragon’ tea set from family. I can’t find out anything about it though. Could someone please assist?

I have attached a photo of the mark on the bottom of a saucer as well as a pic of the teapot. I can add a photo of the full set though if needed!

Thanks so much

Subject:Re: Tea set identification
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Aug 22, 2023

The mark reads '龍雲富山', which the machine translator generates as 'Ryuun/ryu'un Toyama' and pops up in online hits as 'Ryuun Fuzan. The names were subject of a 2015 forum discussion between contributors Martin Michaels and Guy (see link and image), and while I don't want to invade their space, just wonder if everyone still agrees on Fuzan, and is this piece Meiji as it appears to be?


Bill H.

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