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Subject:Chinese brush pot
Posted By: Michelle Gibbons Tue, Aug 15, 2023 IP:

Dear All,
I am hoping someone can help. First time on this forum so not sure what to expect.
I bought this brush pot recently at a garage sale. I think it is Chinese and made from soapstone. I have no idea what is says or its age.
The script in the side looks cursive in style and the marks on the bottom more in the seal form of Chinese script. I know nothing about the various forms of Chinese script other than what I googled since I bought this. Because the script is in the round I did a rubbing of it if that helps – see image!
I did a google search but cannot find another like it, no doubt there are probably millions is circulation.
Any information appreciated on translation, age or others like it.
Thanks in advance, Michelle

Subject:Re: Chinese brush pot
Posted By: rat Wed, Aug 23, 2023

Seems modern/vintage to me. Look for other examples in bamboo or other woods rather than stone. The mark on the base is a stylized 清 meaning pure/clear, but also refers to the Qing dynasty. The text on the side looks like it's been transferred via CAD or something from some calligraphic exemplar and is in grass script (typically more challenging to read), so will have to come back to that when time permits.

Subject:Re: Chinese brush pot
Posted By: Michelle Gibbons Thu, Aug 24, 2023

Thanks Rat appreciate the information and anything else that might come my way from you regarding this piece. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |