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Subject:Japanese Ivory Carving
Posted By: JJ Tue, Aug 01, 2023 IP:

Good Day Forum,

Does anyone know what this item is called? It consists of two halves that clip together revealing the figures inside when opened.
Can anyone translate the signature and script on the outside?

Subject:Re: Japanese Ivory Carving
Posted By: Mark Adams Thu, Aug 03, 2023

Hi JJ,
I believe its a religious amulate for worship.
This is the first one i have seen from Japan. Most i have seen are early European.
Its exceptionally well carved and master quality.
It's Meiji period IMO 1868-1912.
I love ivory carvings from both China and Japan. Unfortunately atm the restrictions on these have impacted heavily on the prices.
If you are located in Australia and wish to sell this I would be most interested.
Adams Asian Art
PS: This is a 18th century Chinese ivory carving i recently purchased for $440 at a auction in Melbourne.

Subject:Re: Japanese Ivory Carving
Posted By: JJ Sat, Aug 05, 2023

Good Day Mark,
Thank you for your response. Agreed I have never seen one like it either, and it is masterfully carved. I was hoping someone could translate the script in order to learn more about it but hopefully it may still happen.
Unfortunately I am not in Australia and all the trade embargos restricts shipping of ivory as you know.
Thank you for sharing your purchase, it too is a very beautiful piece.

Subject:Re: Japanese Ivory Carving
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Aug 13, 2023

Signature reads,
義之 Yoshiyuki
A reference to Yoshiyuki may be found on page 1248 of George Lazarnick's Netsuke and Inro Artists and How to Read their Signatures, 1982 edition.
Unfortunately I do not have it,

With regards,

Subject:Re: Japanese Ivory Carving
Posted By: JJ Sun, Aug 27, 2023

Many thanks, much appreciated | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |