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Subject:Kanzan - request for help
Posted By: Tom Thu, May 18, 2023 IP:

I can't deal with the translation on the f bottom teapot from Kanzan Denshichi set.
The lid has kanzan markings but on the bottom there is an inscription ???
I will be obliged for help

Subject:Re: Kanzan - request for help
Posted By: Tom Fri, May 19, 2023

I think I found the hint (thx rogernac)
Kanzan Denshichi (1821-1890) and No.311 Japan Tokyo Hyochien painted
In work Yoshie Itani "EXPORT PORCELAIN FROM SETO IN THE MEIJI ERA" we can find some information among others:
Hyochien was the largest such factory in the Tokyo pottery painting industry
Overglazing Painters Tokyo Hyochien
In July of 1873, after the Vienna Exhibition,Kawahara brought the porcelain painters from
the potteries associated with his recently closed office to a new studio and production facility, which he called "Hyochien"
located in Higashi Morishita-cho, Fukagawa-ku. The name Hyochien literally means "gourd-pond garden" and was given
by Kawahara's grandfather, Nobufuru, because the workshop andhome were both in Morishita-cho Hyotanbori
("hydtan" being a word for gourd), and also because the premises contained a gourd-shaped pond.

Subject:Re: Kanzan - request for help
Posted By: I.Nagy Fri, May 19, 2023

Reading of botttom,
第三百十一号  No. 311
日本東京    Japan Tōkyō
瓢池園画    Painted by Hyōchien
Hyōchien was the name of a painting factory established in 1873 in Tōkyō. The material was bought from production areas, such as Seto and Arita, painted and fired. The factory moved in 1899 to Nagoya, than changed its name to Nippon Tōki Gōmei-gaisha.

With regards,

Subject:Re: Kanzan - request for help
Posted By: Tom Sun, May 21, 2023

Thank you very much
This is very valuable information for me.
Thank you for provide invaluable advice and support
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