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Subject:Cloisonne Tray signed on bottom
Posted By: Brett Sat, Apr 29, 2023 IP:

This is perhaps the best quality cloisonne item I have purchased over the years. It's almost like a painting with detailed wirework and color blending. Any ideas on which country? Estimate on age?

The center features a picture of what looks like birds fighting over territory. The sides have floral motifs and the feet are dragons. There is a tiny bit of damage to the feet. This feels common on a lot of these footed pieces I've bought thru the years.

Subject:Re: Cloisonne Tray signed on bottom
Posted By: Robert Mon, May 01, 2023

The mark is Chinese. It looks like Canton enameling (painted enamel on a metal body), rather than cloisonne enamel. Are you sure it has wired cloisons and not just black enamel outlining?

Subject:Re: Cloisonne Tray signed on bottom
Posted By: Brett Mon, May 01, 2023

I realize now that this is not cloisonne, but rather Canton enamel. Am I correct that this is a Qianlong mark, but likely late 19th century or early 20c. It's still very nice quality though

Subject:Re: Cloisonne Tray signed on bottom
Posted By: Bill H Mon, May 01, 2023

The tray appears to me to be hand-painted in Canton Enamels and not cloisonné. The brushwork and overall quality is first class. Its base mark is apocryphal Qianlong. I don’t have an appreciable amount of such enamel work in my own collection but would speculate this one might be Guangxu period or a bit earlier. Hope we hear from better qualified commentators.

Best regards.

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