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Subject:Chinese marks
Posted By: Jerry Fri, Mar 10, 2023 IP: 2003:d0:1f0d:f401:49

Does anyone know what both marks mean? Thank you :)

Subject:Re: Chinese marks
Posted By: Bill H Sat, Mar 11, 2023

Both marks are shown flipped 90-degrees counterclockwise from their normal reading position. When righted, the top one reads down and across from the right as "Made during the Qianlong Reign of the Great Qing Dynasty" (Da qing qian long nian zhi - 大清乾隆年製) and the other "A box overflowing with happiness for guests" (Duo fu bin he - 多福賓盒). Even without seeing the box, it is fairly safe to say it probably is an apocryphal reign mark, but queries without adequate views of the item always risk receiving inadequate answers.

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