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Subject:meiji print unknown
Posted By: francis Tue, Feb 28, 2023 IP: 2a01:cb20:827:7400:9

Could hiroshige be the artist for this print?
And could it be part of a diptych?

Subject:Re: meiji print unknown
Posted By: Stan Sat, Mar 04, 2023

A few things:

1) If your title is correct, then it is not Hiroshige I. Hiroshige I died in 1858. The Meiji period started in 1868. It would have to be one of his successors; Hiroshige II, III, or IV. How did you date it to the Meiji period (though it probably is)?

2) The signature is too small to be seen. It pixelates if blown up.

3) You provided no size information. It isn't a chuban or oban format. Is it a book page? I suppose it could be a diptych of some sort/size.


Subject:Re: meiji print unknown
Posted By: francis Sun, Mar 05, 2023

Of course, you are right: it is edo if Hiroshige is the artist
size is 25cmx12.5cm
I include a better pic.
To me it is an early Hiroshige ando block...
What do you think?
Thanks a lot!

Subject:Re: meiji print unknown
Posted By: Stan Sun, Mar 05, 2023

I think the signature reads Yoshishige hitsu, but I will defer to someone with Japanese language skills.

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