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Subject:ehon - Japanese woodcut
Posted By: Martin Tue, Feb 21, 2023 IP: 2a02:a466:760e:1:cd2


Can you help me please with the translation on this book ?

Thank you ,

Kind regards Martin.

Subject:Re: ehon - Japanese woodcut
Posted By: I.Nagy Wed, Feb 22, 2023

繪本鷹かがみ - Ehon Takakagami - Picture Book of Eagle Models
河鍋洞郁画  - Drawn by Kawanabe Tōiku
初編中  - 1st Vol. 2nd Book

Kinkadō (金花堂) Tōkyō
Year of publication unknown
The whole series consists of two volumes, five books.

Kawanabe Tōiku a.k.a. Kawanabe Kyōsai 1831-1889

With regards,

Subject:Re: ehon - Japanese woodcut
Posted By: Martin Thu, Feb 23, 2023


thank you so much,

youre so kind!

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