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Subject: ginger pot input appreciated
Posted By: Madria Mon, Feb 13, 2023 IP:

Hello everyone!

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to this post.
I have recently purchased a ginger jar for very little money and would be interested in your opinion. It looks like one of the many pieces for export (perhaps for the South-East Asian market?) possibly from the late 19th century. The decoration is very simple and shows a surrounding landscape scene with fishermen in a dull blue underglaze. The lid is unfortunately missing. So far nothing unusual from this side. The ginger jar has a thick, creamy white glaze with a certain blue-greyish colour that makes me think of production sites in southern China. But what particularly puzzles me, and differs from pieces I have had the pleasure of handling so far, is the placement of the band around it. Is it usual that this is so low on the shoulder and so far away from the area on the neck where the lid is put on? Also, the glaze seems very clearly separated from the lid (as if cut out), with a semi-circular protuberance at one point that I can't quite figure out how it must have been formed during the firing process. In addition, some parts of the neck and the foot are much whiter than the glazed body. But they seem to be glazed anyway. On the base is an irregularly placed illegible mark, which I believe to be a fantasy mark. The vase has the usual minor and major blemishes and misfires.
What is your opinion of the piece? Do you think it is authentic or is it more of a modern copy? How would you explain the differences in colouring? Do you know of comparable pieces with similar striking characteristics? When the message is published, I will add more pictures. In general, I would be interested in what is known about the firing process of ginger jars, for example in terms of temperature, material composition or even the nature of the firing marks in the glaze. I would also be interested in literature on ginger jars and their purpose, if anyone has a good reading tip for me. I buy such objects not so much to collect or as an investment, but rather to learn from them. So I would really appreciate your input.

With kind regards


Subject:Re: ginger pot input appreciated
Posted By: Madria Tue, Feb 14, 2023

Here are some more pictures. I recomend viewing them in a separate browser tab.

Subject:Re: ginger pot input appreciated
Posted By: David C Thu, Mar 02, 2023

Dear Madria
Your photos are very difficult to deal with as they are massive and grainy. Good photos help and too massive or minny whinny don't. This looks like kitchen Qing style to me. Missing the lid and naive in decoration. I cannot tell from your photos how old it is. There are boat loads of modern fakes. Just goes to show why a wooden reticulated lid for one of these went on ebay for over 200 recently. Match and score. The lid was fabulous though. Best wishes

Subject:Re: ginger pot input appreciated
Posted By: Madria Mon, Mar 06, 2023

Dear David,

many thanks for your thoughts and feedback. I believe you can view the whole image in good quality by right clicking on them and opening them up in a new tap in your browser. Are you at all aware of genuine specimens where the circumferential band sits so low on the shoulder, or can this be interpreted as a clear indication of a fake? | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |