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Subject:Help Identifying Asian Deity
Posted By: R. Rodney Sat, Jan 14, 2023 IP:

Hi Forum Members,

I am seeking help in identifying who is represented in this 7 inch (18 cm) wood statue. The deity is holding an ax behind its back. There are some character marks on the bottom but they are hard to photograph. I would greatly appreciate any help in identifying the statue, the type of wood used, its country of origin, and its possible age.

Many thanks,
R. Rodney

Subject:Re: Help Identifying Asian Deity
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Jan 15, 2023

Looks Balinese, perhaps an image of Hanuman, an avatar of the Hindu God Shiva. Hard for me to guess at the age. Balinese carvers have been turning such images out for the tourist trade for eons. Their work is very good usually, as this piece.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Help Identifying Asian Deity
Posted By: R. Rodney Mon, Jan 16, 2023

Thank you, Bill! I appreciate your feedback. I had not considered Bali as a place of origin but now after doing more research, I agree that there's a strong possibility it is Hanuman.

I learn a lot from reading all of your informative responses to postings on a variety of topics, especially Chinese porcelains.

With gratitude,
R. Rodney

Subject:Re: Help Identifying Asian Deity
Posted By: Mikeoz Tue, Jan 17, 2023

Hi Bill. I don't think this is Hanuman, the Monkey King. He is more often depicted with a monkey like mouth, rather than the fiercely-toothed demons like Ranga and the Barong.

I notice the indication of water at the base, and perhaps this has some connection with the Ramayana and the invasion of Lanka,

Or it might just be something from the imagination of the carver.

Subject:Re: Help Identifying Asian Deity
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Jan 18, 2023

Yep, a lot of Balinese carvings look alike. However, when I was at Club Med Bali for a week 30 years ago, in between viewing sculpted bronze figures on the beach, I toured a number of carver's workshops and departed with the impression that Hanuman, the Monkey King, was highly respected in some quarters of Bali for his strength and close association with Hindu protective deity Brahma.

Thanks and cheers,

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