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Subject:Chinese Pottery Tea Jar
Posted By: Ed Hidano Tue, Nov 22, 2022 IP: 2601:601:9d00:14e0:8

I would appreciate someone’s assistance in translation the information written on the attached Chinese tea jar. This jar has been in my collection for sometime now and I am interested in the translation. Any assistance that I can receive would be most appreciated. Thank you. Ed

Subject:Re: Chinese Pottery Tea Jar
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Nov 24, 2022

Bold characters;
澹泊明心志 Show high ideals by single living

The line before, and the two lines that follows;
諸葛亮 夫君子之行、静以修身、倹以養徳。
Zhuge Liang - the way of gentleman is to cultivate one`s morality through quietness, and cultivate one`s morality through frugality, if you are not indifferent, you will not be able to show your ambitions, and if you are not peaceful, you will not able go far.
In the 2nd Year of the New Millennium (2002) at Beijing
Written by Zhang Rizhi
(I am not quite sure about the reading of the 3rd character)

Side with the picture,
Zhang Fei*
Painted by Afei
in the Year of Metal-Tiger (....1830,1890,1950...)
(Colophon of the original painting from which his engraved picture was copied - unidentifiable artist)

* Zhang Fei 張飛 general of the Kingdom of Shu, one of the Three Kingdoms, known for his rash bravery.

With regards,
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