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Subject:Pottery "VOC"
Posted By: Andrea Tue, Nov 15, 2022 IP: 2001:b07:6462:e531:2

Good morning everyone
I wanted to inquire about these two "VOC" pots, thank you all

Subject:Re: Pottery "VOC"
Posted By: Lisa Wood Wed, Nov 16, 2022

VOC stands for Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie (Dutch East India Company). I’m guessing Chinese for the export market.
Hope this is helpful.

Subject:Re: Pottery "VOC"
Posted By: Andrea Thu, Nov 17, 2022

thanks all for the replies. Yes so that is part of the East India Company brand. the two vases are very different from each other. I don't understand though if they are original or not from the answers. thank you

Subject:Re: Pottery "VOC"
Posted By: plasticman Wed, Nov 16, 2022

Same reply as to the last VOC pot you posted previously. The most faked item in the arsenal of modern manufacturers.

Subject:Re: Pottery "VOC"
Posted By: Mikeoz Wed, Nov 16, 2022

I expect you already know that the VOC mark represents the Dutch East India Company. | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |