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Subject:Help identifying artist
Posted By: Chinese painting Sat, Sep 10, 2022 IP:

I would like to know more about those seals. Every information is greatly appreciated!

Subject:Re: Help identifying artist
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Sep 12, 2022

李奇茂画 - Painted by Li Qimao

Li Qimao 李奇茂 1925-2019
Ink painter. After the war moved to Taiwan, where he studied in Art Dept. of Military College. In 1976 became dean of Arts Faculty of National Taiwan Academy of Fine Arts.

蔣彦士印 - Seal of Jiang Yanshi

Most likely the Taiwanese politician Jiang Yanshi
1915-1998. He was not an artists, but he was a good calligrapher.

With regards,
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