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Subject:Alleged Ming DynastyBudai Heshang Image
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Sep 06, 2022 IP:

I received the photos here from a friend who was wondering if the image might be a recent fake. I'm suspicious of it and so is he, but I thought I'd ask for further opinions from the forum and see if I.Nagy recognizes this arcane seal script. It is about 4 inches high. Despite having proportions similar to Ming and early Qing Buddha images, it looks to be welded or soldered together and has an atypical blue-green patina on the interior. Also I researched results and found one virtually identical image with similar modeling characteristics and patina that was put up for bids in 2021 and 22 but failed to make its minimum bid. It was from an auction house in Virginia whereas my friends had come from the collection of a college in Alabama that was closing its doors.

All comments welcome. I've downloaded photos of his image below and link to online auction higher quality images of that piece herewith.

Thanks and best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Alleged Ming DynastyBudai Heshang Image
Posted By: Steve Gridley Wed, Sep 07, 2022

Although my experience is more with 19th century cast iron and bronzes, I will offer my opinion. In my opinion, your casting lacks the crisp detail of an original casting and suggests it was a cast of a cast. Fine details were also often carved into the casting as part of the finishing and polishing. Also, the sand marks are not as fine-grained as one would expect. I am not familiar of period two-part castings fused with what appears to be Lead (Pb). The patina also looks suspect to me, especially the combination from both copper and iron. I recommend you compare your casting against the construction of known period pieces sold at major auction houses.

Subject:Re: Alleged Ming DynastyBudai Heshang Image
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Sep 07, 2022

Much obliged, Steve. I'll see if I can find auction results from major houses for the info of my friend.

Best regards,

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