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Subject:Ivory snuff bottle China or Japan
Posted By: Vincent Mon, Aug 29, 2022 IP:

I bought this snuff bottle at an auction house. It’s dated around 1900 and according to auction houses it’s from China.

But I have doubts, because at that time in Japan they made snuff bottles for the Chinese market, with an apocryphal signature on the base, as in this case.

Has anyone ever seen a similar piece? What do you think China or Japan?


Subject:Re: Ivory snuff bottle China or Japan
Posted By: Bill H Wed, Aug 31, 2022

The base has an apocryphal mark of Qianlong and the bottle appears to be Chinese. However, ivory is a material sacred to Chinese and would not be painted over or overlaid with transfer decoration like this. The material here is unlikely to be ivory but a synthetic in my opinion.

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