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  • Black wine bowl ( China & Japan ) - Carlos Contreras - Jul 10, 2022 (03:48 AM)
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Subject:Black wine bowl
Posted By: Carlos Contreras Sun, Jul 10, 2022 IP:

Hello how are you l bought this bowl two years ago and l still haven't been able to identfy it , the bowl has two dragons out side , have images like faces , people , a man sitting on a chair like those images like ming it's white crackled inside the crackled looks like images l mean human images when we look with attention l sl don't mean mine is one of them but l saw one in white color with the same shape also the described it with insiced dragones in cloud but the dragons in that white one were not seen either , also lsaw another one in a museum in the internet and one was not marked as mine l have been reading and educating my self during this almost three years and l have bought some interesting pieces l really want to show you so l would like You please help me identificating this one and l would like you to tell me please where can l send pictures about all pieces l have bought , ming dehua etc.l'd be very thankful thank you | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |