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  • Vase This post has image ( China & Japan ) - Steve Recz - Apr 16, 2022 (05:40 PM)
    • Re: Vase - Bill H - Apr 17, 2022 (02:32 PM)
      • Re: Vase - Steve Recz - Apr 18, 2022 (08:35 AM)
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Posted By: Steve Recz Sat, Apr 16, 2022 IP: 2601:243:2081:12a0:a

Help identifying artist

Subject:Re: Vase
Posted By: Bill H Sun, Apr 17, 2022

The mark, read down and across from right to left, says "Yong Sheng Cai Hui Chang Zhi" (永勝彩繪), "Made by the Yong Sheng (Eternal Victory) Painted Porcelain Factory". According to, your vase would date to the 1970's. There's an established pottery industry at Yongsheng County, Yunnan Province, which I suppose might be where your vase comes from. See link below for information on Lijiang.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Vase
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Apr 18, 2022

Somehow I wound up losing the last two characters in the mark during editing. They are: 廠製 (Chang Zhi)

Sorry 'bout that.


Subject:Re: Vase
Posted By: Bill H Mon, Apr 18, 2022

Here's some more research translated from Chinese-language hits on Google. I believe it adds better sense and context to the foregoing:

Yongsheng Porcelain Development History
Yongsheng County
Yongsheng County is located in the northwest of Yunnan province, China. It is under the administration of the prefecture-level city of Lijiang. In 2019 the county had a population of 406,757 including 34.42% ethnic minorities.

Yongsheng porcelain (永勝瓷器) could be mass-produced as early as the eighth year of Tongzhi (1869) in the Qing Dynasty. "Xin Usurped Yunnan Tongzhi" contains: "The porcelain soil produced in Yongbei is better than that of Anhui and Jiangxi. Recently, Yongbei porcelain has competed with Jiangxi, and all the genus in Jiangxi have it." The Yongsheng porcelain has the characteristics of crystal clear, bright and quaint drawings. Today, Yongsheng has two porcelain factories in the prefecture and county. Yongsheng porcelain is fired from kaolin clay. Kaolin is the product of the destruction of various crystalline rocks. It is produced in the Guanzhao Mountain area, 20 kilometers southeast of Yongsheng County. The reserves are more than 5 million tons. Most of them can be mined in the open pit. [1]
Yongsheng porcelain production method
The specific production method varies with different varieties. Generally, it has to go through four stages: material preparation, blank making, drawing and coloring, and roasting. The decoration methods include blue and white, pastel, underglaze multicolor, spray flower, printing, bas-relief, color glaze and so on. A supporting mechanized production has been formed, with nearly 100 varieties and an annual output of more than 30 million pieces.
In 1960, when Premier Zhou Enlai visited Myanmar, he gave Myanmar porcelain products from Yongsheng Porcelain Factory. In addition to tableware, tea utensils, and wine utensils, there are also artistic display porcelain vases, table lamps, ancient musicians, figures from the Red House, Tang women, Ashima, Dai women and various animals. In addition, there are hollow vases, pen holders, pen holders and other treasures of the studIO

Subject:Re: Vase
Posted By: Steve Recz Mon, Apr 18, 2022

Thanks very much for the information.
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