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Subject:real or fake hongshan
Posted By: Alexander Mon, Mar 07, 2022 IP: 2a02:a466:3c7a:1:495

i have come in possesion of an hongshan sungod figure from a private collection and wondered if it is real or fake. it measures 21 x 7,5 cm

Subject:Re: real or fake hongshan
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Tue, Mar 08, 2022

sorry, all I see in the last picture is that no time was 'wasted" making that drill hole.

Subject:Re: real or fake hongshan
Posted By: Super Mon, Mar 06, 2023

Not even a decent Hongshan fake or made with good material. Also, Chicken bone white pieces were found more on Liangzhu congs that were being burnt in religious rituals, seldom seen on Hongshan pieces. Never saw an authentic Hongshan jade piece likes this one. Therefore, the chance of this being a Hongshan piece, IMHO, is Nil. Sorry. Super

Subject:Re: real or fake hongshan
Posted By: Mark Adams Wed, Mar 08, 2023

A very badly depicted fake. Please do not buy this!
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