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Subject:Secret Color Kiln in Zhejiang
Posted By: Bill H Thu, Jan 06, 2022 IP:

A snowbound friend has sent me a query and the pictures downloaded herewith concerning a ceramic pan with four-character mark of "Made by the Secret Color Kiln" (秘色窯造 – Mi Se Yao Zao). He and a former owner thought the piece to be Japanese, but my search of the mark revealed it was among other Tang-dynasty kilns known for celadon wares in the vicinity of Yuezhou in present-day Zhejiang Province.

The piece in the two downloaded pictures below looks to be kiln-fresh, but a 1999 book by Nigel Wood indicates that the museum at Yuezhou contains
information that some "recently" found Yuezhou ceramics are to be found in the Percival David collection in London. (NOTE: An excerpt from the book is included below. The ceramics are referred to as "Bi Se" using an alternate pronunciation of the 'Mi' (Secret) character.

Thanks and best regards,

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