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Subject:Doucai cup
Posted By: Larry Wed, Nov 03, 2021 IP:

I am not too experienced with this: a small doucai cup with two makaras. Any ideas? Thank you in advance. only 6 cm diam.

Subject:Re: Doucai cup
Posted By: Bill H Tue, Nov 09, 2021

Your cup has a mark purporting it was made during the Qing Dynasty Yongzheng reign. However, the sloppy application of iron red pigment would have ruled out anyone mistaking the piece for 18th century palace ware. It also applies that the principal market for these doucai wares was the emperor and surrounding aristocratic class along with the wealthy class of collectorw composed of courtiers, military leaders and senior civil servants who coveted but had yet to merit presentation of prized doucai porcelain as a gift from the emperor. Thus during the latter 18th and 19th centuries, there developed a market in China for well made porcelains called "Official Old Wares" (Guanguyao), often bearing faux marks of devotional halls as well as some faux Ming reign marks, often of the famous Chenghua reign. These "Official Old Wares", particularly in the doucai palette, were not inexpensive nor were they made for export markets.

It may be that this cup of yours was made in Taiwan, as its form, decoration and 6mm diameter are quite similar to another doucai Makara or Kui dragon cup with diameter of 5.7mm and faux Chenghua mark that's shown in the Taipei Palace Museum collection catalog of faux and actual Chenghua imperial pieces.

Best regards,

Bill H.

Subject:Re: Doucai cup
Posted By: Larry Wed, Nov 10, 2021

Dear Bill,
thank you very much for your time and expertise on this. I learn so many things with your explanations on particular pieces here. This is mostly better and more comprehansible than any books., Lars | Associations | Articles | Exhibitions | Galleries |