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Subject:Stone carved Bouddha Statuette
Posted By: Jacques Bascoulergue Wed, Sep 29, 2021 IP:

Here few more photos of my Small carved Buddah.
H:9.5CM with tiny gold particles inside the stone.
Don't realy know if genuine or not..Origine Date of making etc..Please help Thanks.
Have received some comments on FB sites that this statue is a Pale Modern Maitrya Statuette Replica ,vaguely in the gandharan syle...With low artistic quality....
Thanking you to comments those photos..JJB

Subject:Re: Stone carved Bouddha Statuette
Posted By: Ernest Wilhelm Wed, Sep 29, 2021

Perhaps compare with
Pyrite is one of Earth's most common minerals. It is found almost everywhere and in almost every type of rock. Its metallic yellow color causes it to be often mistaken for the much more valuable gold. That's how it earned the name "fool's gold." Some people call this material "healer's gold" - but it has no medicinal value.

Subject:Re: Stone carved Bouddha Statuette
Posted By: Jacques Bascoulergue Thu, Sep 30, 2021

Hi Ernest,
As already responded to you by mail...I am quite concerned about this small statuette...Thanks for you geolological infos..But by searching on auriferous stone..I have learnt today that Black schist could could be as well...So don't you think that this stone could be a black shist shingle which could have been carved very long time ago during the Gandharan Period...??? All infos are welcome ,I am very excited about having as much as possible information from connoisseurs or collectors...Here attached what I discovered today that Black shist stone can be auriferous. Thanks for responding..JJB

Subject:Re: Stone carved Bouddha Statuette
Posted By: Jacques Bascoulergue Tue, Oct 05, 2021

Hi to all the 150+ who have visited my post.
Anybody could tell me if this small Statuette is an Original or a modern Replica...?????????
Thanking you in advance
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