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Subject:Japanese Art 1700's would like to know more
Posted By: THE CONNMANN Fri, Sep 10, 2021 IP:

Looking for possible transcripts and more knowledge of what I believe are Suzuki original 1700s drawings. Looking to find out more and possibly value them to get an Idea how much to hand over the beautiful pieces to the admiring eye.


Subject:Re: Japanese Art 1700's would like to know more
Posted By: I.Nagy Mon, Sep 13, 2021

They are woodblock print pages from a popular ukiyo-e masterpiece picture book titled 繪本 青樓美人合
"Ehon Seiro* Bijin Awase (Picture Book of Yoshiwara Beauties) of Suzuki Harunobu, published in 1770 in 5 volumes(166 woodblocks). However, it was reproduced from newly cut woodblocks in 1917. On the blocks Yoshiwara prostitutes are pictured, each of them offers a haiku poem that describes seasonal features of natural scenery.
Your prints are from Vol 2.

* Seiro 青樓 - Green Houses - refers to Yoshiwara

I think your prints are from the 1917 reprint version - I can't say anything sure from the screen. 

The value of the 1917 ed. complet 5 vols. set is
about $500 - $800.

With regards,

With regards,
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