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Subject:Asian 3D Dragon Vase signed
Posted By: Bruce Allen Tue, Aug 24, 2021 IP: 2602:306:bd1b:e620:b

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Subject:Re: Asian 3D Dragon Vase signed
Posted By: Mark Adams Wed, Aug 25, 2021

Hi Bruce Allen,
Your vase is Japanese. It's by I believe Kinkozan. Circa early 20th century.
Kinkozan was a very prolific artist with large amounts of employees working for him producing many masterpieces.
I actually own one very similar to yours but more elaborately decorated.
From what I understand the red glaze was very experimental for kinkozan and this is the only other example I have seen. However your images are a little blurry.
Nice vase. Looks awesome I suspect as mine does.
Unfortunately I can't provide a full image due to the size restrictions and I am using a mobile phone atm.
[email protected]

Subject:Re: Asian 3D Dragon Vase signed
Posted By: Mark Adams Thu, Aug 26, 2021

Hi Bruce,
In furtherance to my previous post here is some more information for you.
The kinkozan kiln was first established in about 1645 and closed in 1927.
Your vase is a celestial styled pear shaped monochrome with relief dragon. It's sometimes referred to as Sang de boeuf style.
Yours is marked made by kinkozan. It's Kinkozan Sobei V 1868-1927.
The red blood glaze is actually very rare for him. I have only ever seen two others besides the one I already own. Now I have seen three others.
As I am sure you will appreciate. These monochromes have to be seen in person to really appreciate them. Photos just don't do them justice.
I hope you will enjoy your kinkozan!
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