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Subject:seal identification
Posted By: paul Sat, Jul 10, 2021 IP:

Hi I wondered if anyone could help to identify the seal and inscription on this hand painted on silk painting. I am trying to ascertain its age and any other details that may be identifiable from the markings.
Oh and if possible any comments regarding quality , if able to tell from pics would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Subject:Re: seal identification
Posted By: I.Nagy Sun, Jul 11, 2021

己亥年七月 - In July of the Year of Earth-Pig 2019)
鉄梅作 - Painted by Tiěméi (Iron Plum) - Pseudonym
王中明 - Wáng Zhōngmíng - Surname and goiven name of artist

Unidentifiable artist,

With regards,
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