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Subject:Help identifying artist or period!
Posted By: Grant G Wed, Jul 07, 2021 IP:

I found this print at a thrift store this week and am curious to learn more about it! Any help is appreciated!

Subject:Re: Help identifying artist or period!
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, Jul 08, 2021

明時清香 - Fresh and fragrance at light
攸堂 - Yōutáng (Distant house) - Pseudenym
Upper seal,
洪荘萬印 - Seal of Hóng Zhuāngwàn - Surname and given name of artist
Lower seal,
攸堂   - Yōutáng

Unidentifiable artist,
Age is undeterminable from the screen,looks like 20-50 years old.

With regards,
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