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Subject:Chinese Inscription on pair of tall porcelain vases
Posted By: MB Tue, May 11, 2021 IP: 2804:7f0:a082:b5bc:6

Dear friends,
I would like to ask your opinion about this pair of vases.
The decoration looks printed to me. At the base of each is a different calligraphy inscription. Could you help me to decipher?
All the best,

Subject:Re: Chinese Inscription on pair of tall porcelain vases
Posted By: I.Nagy Thu, May 13, 2021

The vases are Japanese Arita made
白溪園 - Hakkeien
金城焼 - Kinjō-yaki

肥前有田 - Hizen Arita
白溪園  - Hakkeien
金作製  - Kin-sakusei

Bottom markings were written by different hands.
They were made in Arita, Hizen Province.
Hakkeien (White Brook Garden)
Kinjō-yaki (Kinjō ware)
Kin-sakusei (Kin made , may refer to Kinjō-yaki)

I couldn't find any information on the aboves.
I think "Hakkeien" was a very short-lived export company in late Meiji era.

With regards,]
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