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Subject:Japanes tea set
Posted By: Nancy Fri, Mar 12, 2021 IP: 2601:80:4203:8b40:4d

Hi, This tea set was my mom's, to the best of my knowledge my uncle brought this back from Japan circa WWII. Hoping someone can help me determine age or maker. Thanks for looking!

Subject:Re: Japanes tea set
Posted By: Suzume Sat, Mar 13, 2021


What you have there is a nice Satsuma tea service. Some of the raise d├ęcor you see is referred to as "Moriage".

Whilst these have been made like this really since the 1860s for Western tourists, yours is a much later example as seen by the fact that it's written in English underneath. My guess judging by what you said regarding provenance would be 1930s.

Hope this helps,

Subject:Re: Japanes tea set
Posted By: Nancy Sun, Mar 14, 2021

Thanks for the information! It is a very pretty set & was a favorite of my mom's.
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