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Our powerful Gallery Generator system is an easy to use on-line program which allows you to update your Asian arts gallery whenever and from wherever you wish. You have total control over your general gallery information, gallery images, captions, and even formatting details such as background color and type sizes. The software uses the normal web browser as an interface and allows anyone with a bit of training to become proficient at it.

These are the system’s features:
  • You can change your overall gallery information; your address, telephone and fax number, main page description, a full description and logo of your company. You can even adjust details such as the background color or image, the font style and type size on your pages. You can attach a link to your own website, if any, and even define meta keywords or search terms that users might use in the Internet search engines to find a site of interest, thus insuring that your site will rank high for that term.

  • You can upload new items into your gallery at any time. New items are stored in the system “storeroom” from where you can shift them to your on-line gallery when you want them to be displayed. The system allows you to prepare images and captions in advance, keeping them in your storeroom until you wish to move them into your gallery for display. You can see a list of all the items in your storeroom and gallery. You can edit or delete items from this list.

  • You can move items from your gallery to the store room or vice-versa. You can assign an order to the items on the gallery page, or select the number of image thumbnails that you would like in each row of your gallery display.

  • You can view your gallery before uploading. When everything is exactly as you want it in the gallery view, you may proceed with submission of your gallery for upload.

  • You can manage your mailing list of visitors who have subscribed to your gallery. Here you can see who has subscribed, view the subscription logs, and send a message to the mailing list. A message will be send automatically to the mailing list when you've updated your gallery, headed by an (optional) special message on your update from you.
This program is for gallery members only. After signing up, and setup of gallery is complete, you will receive an email with the username and password required to log in to the system.

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Gallery Features | Cost of a Gallery | Gallery Generator | Benefits of a Gallery | FAQ | Contact Us | Galleries