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What are the benefits of displaying my pieces in a gallery site on

Advertising in has considerable advantages over advertisements in other media. You are visible from New York to Tokyo in a graphically rich and already well-known environment. You can exhibit many examples from your inventory, each displayed with as much text information as you like; this material can be updated at any time. You will have your own unique URL for your visitors to bookmark and return to at any time. is already recognized as the leading publication of its kind and is the only publication of its type to offer original content. Visitorship is steadily growing and awareness of the publication is widespread in the Web community. Our statistics show that the most popular pages on are those of our gallery sites.

Whereas print advertising—even in its most luxurious full-page format—allows the viewer access to only a single object, your gallery on, for a comparable price, will allow the visitor to inspect a dozen or more of your offerings, all presented in an elegant and graphically rich style. These can be constantly and very quickly updated, introducing a flexibility and immediacy that most print media cannot offer.

The technical expertise and Internet experience of Web Art Publishing ensures that your works of art will be displayed in higher quality than is found almost anywhere else on the internet. We are continually striving for the highest image quality while achieving the fastest possible download time.

Finally, the e-mail response form allows your web site visitors to contact you immediately with a query, to reserve a piece or to place an order. You will be surprised how many of your existing clients will use the service as a way to contact you and how many new visitors will send inquiries. Galleries over 3 images in size also have included a powerful Mail Management system which allows you to create and maintain an email subscription list. Other optional services allow even more sophisticated interaction with visitors, including ordering via a secure form.

With a gallery site on, you will also be embarking on a journey into the future. Each day the potential base of visitors grows by leaps and bounds. You will be opening a window to, and establishing a reputation in, an ever expanding worldwide market.

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