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Why do I need gallery representation in
With a gallery site on, you will be embarking on a journey into the future. Each day the potential base of visitors grows as the team works to promote and popularize the site. You will be opening a window to and establishing a reputation in an ever-expanding worldwide market. Many of our galleries have found representation on a valuable sales and publicity resource, and the price is a fraction of most print publication advertising costs.

What if I already have my own web site?
An "gateway gallery" can be a very useful tool to promote your website and bring in targetted traffic. The terms for a gateway gallery are exactly as in regular gallery sites, but the pages on are clearly marked with links to your own site. The minimum gallery size is the same as for galleries, 3 items: a 3-item gallery is $36.25/month ($435/year).

With a gateway gallery on, you take advantage of our very high rankings in the search engines - achieved through constant work on the part of the staff - to bring visitors specifically interested in the art you are offering to your gateway gallery on and from there to your site.

What if I want to set up a full web site and associate it with
Many businesses prefer to start their own site and domain name in spite of the further commitment and expense this often entails. We can also do an excellent job of designing, hosting and managing a site. The experienced designers and producers of would be happy to design and produce your site for you with your own domain name, hosted on the same fast reliable server as

We now also offer our new, "Mega-Gallery & Web Site", which is a combined independent website and unlimited gallery on For further details, see the Cost of a Gallery link.

I want to start a gallery in, but low in funds?
Our on-line galleries are priced according to the number of items hosted in your gallery. A minimum three item gallery is the "starter gallery" for those who would like to start with a small budget or merely like to test the waters. With a yearly plan, you pay a fixed quarterly fee billed in advance which makes payment and budgeting easy. This starter gallery is only $108.75 per quarter (every 3 mos), with a setup fee of $300.

How do I set up a Gallery in
You can easily become represented in by first contacting us via e-mail, phone, fax or mail. You may use the contact form in this brochure section or e-mail your enquiry to .

Can I change images/ update information in my gallery pages?
After the gallery is set up, you can update your items - and all aspects of the gallery - yourself whenever (and wherever) you like, using the on-line Gallery Generator system.
Click here to get more information on Gallery Generator.

What if I don't have the time/ expertise to do the updating?
We offer attractively priced site management options if galleries would like us to perform the updating. All we need are good photographs - preferably digital images (but prints or transparencies are also fine) and captions for the objects. Each gallery contract includes 2 full updates per year with assistance from us (a full update is a replacement of all the items in the gallery).

How will users find my gallery page?
All members are listed in the main page of the Galleries, from where users will be able to go directly to your gallery. In addition, your items and you gallery can be searched by visitors who can find individual items and individual galleries on the basis of many search criteria.

Part of site setup includes submitting your gallery site to the various search engines according to the description and keywords most appropriate to your Asian art specialty. Because is very highly ranked in the engines, your gallery will "share" in this high ranking and you will find your individual gallery pages will receive very high rankings quite quickly.

You may also contact us by mail/phone at:
129 West San Francisco Street
Santa Fe, NM 87501
tel: +1 505 596 2007

or at our Asian office at:
PO BOX 8975, EPC 1011
Kathmandu, Nepal
tel: (977 1) 5547709, 5547710

We thank you for your interest in

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