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Subject:Questions for Mr. Nagy
Posted By: Martin Michels Mon, May 11, 2020 IP:

Dear Mr. Nagy,

I doubted for a long time to ask the questions below, but decided to give it a try.

Question 1: Koseki name.
I came across the name on the 1st mark and I believe it to be 俵兤石, which at first I translated as Hyokoseki, although the “Ko” Kanji is not a regular Kanji for "Ko". But searching the net I came upon the 2nd mark with the first Kanji 俵 separated from the other 2 and the artist being named: Tawara Koseki. Plus a “normal Ko” Kanji 光. Still the same person ?
The 3rd mark shows only the name Koseki (Koseki Ga), with the same “Ko” Kanji as on the 1st mark.
So, what is your opinion? Hyokoseki or Tawara Koseki ?

Question 2: Other name on 3rd mark.
On the 3rd mark above Koseki (see left) is another name, which I also found on another mark (see right), which I believe is 俵旭向山,which can be translated in native Japanese as Tawara Asahi Mukoyama (Mukaiyama) or in Sino-Japanese as Hyokyoku Kozan. And one can make all kind of combinations with the name parts. Again, what is your opinion what it should be ?

I sincerely hope that you can bring some light into this darkness, because my knowledge of Japanese names is limited to some tricks I learned.

Best regards,

Subject:Re: Questions for Mr. Nagy
Posted By: I.Nagy Tue, May 12, 2020

Dear Martin,

It is customary in case of Japanese artists that the art-names (pseudonyms) should be read "on'yomi" and the family names "kun'yomi"
In this case the family name is Tawara 俵 and the art name Kōseki 兤石 or 光石.
I think 兤石 and 光石 (Kōseki) is the same art name. The painter sometimes for the sake of simplicity just dropped the second part of character with too much strokes.
Tawara Kōseki is the proper reading, however, under no circumstances reads "Hyōkōseki"

According to the above analogy;
俵   - Tawara
旭光山 - Kyokkōzan
兤石画 - Kōseki Ga

Kyokkōzan should be a second art-name.

Errors and omissions excepted !

With regards,

Subject:Re: Questions for Mr. Nagy
Posted By: Martin Michels Wed, May 13, 2020

Dear Mr. Nagy,
Thank you very, very much for your explanation.
A very clear answer.
I'm still learning a lot from you, which is highly appreciated.
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