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 Robyn Turner: USA 3 item gallery 
Robyn Turner, one of the only art dealers in the world to focus primarily on jade carvings after the Han period, has been dealing in Asian Art since 1976. With an inventory including Chinese glass and Japanese ivory, her specialty is Chinese jade. Appraisal services available.

Robyn Turner

Gallery on-line: May 23, 2002          Last update: March 08, 2023
 Kapoor Galleries Inc: New York, USA 6 item gallery 

Kapoor Galleries Inc

Founded in 1975 by Ramesh & Urmil Kapoor, Kapoor Galleries Inc specializes in Indian & Himalayan Arts. The gallery has been instrumental in building collections worldwide for museums and distinguished private collectors. The gallery collection focuses on Indian Miniature Paintings and Himalayan Statuary.

Gallery on-line: March 19, 2011          Last update: March 08, 2023
 Mark Powley: USA 3 item gallery 
Dealer in Chinese ceramics and works of art. He has been working in the field for many years starting in the oriental department at Spink & Son Ltd of London, England in 1993. He has been established in San Francisco since 2000 as a private dealer and consultant by appointment. He was on the vetting committee for the former Asian Art Fair in both San Francisco and New York, and most recently exhibited at the International Antiques Fair in Hong Kong and Blanc Beijing in 2021.

Mark Powley

Gallery on-line: January 24, 2007          Last update: November 20, 2021
 Arthur Leeper Asian Art: Belvedere, USA 1 item gallery 
Arthur Leeper is a dealer and consultant in the sale of Chinese art, based in the San Francisco area. He has traveled widely in Asia since 1974, pursuing his interests in Asian art and cultures, particularly Tibet and China. Mr. Leeper helped curate a pioneering exhibition of Tibetan rugs at the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. in 1983 and he has written and lectured on Chinese textiles.
Gallery on-line: March 19, 2010          Last update: October 12, 2021 Canada 3 item gallery 
Fredrica Kussin is an art expert who has amassed an impressive private collection of Asian Antiques, Textiles and Contemporary Art. Her love of art and travel has led to the discovery of rare and unique pieces in South East Asia. Her breadth of experience in the arts extends to film, music and writing. In her cutting-edge book,, Fredrica shared her expertise on international customs and manners. She has been a successful casting director, documentary researcher, commercial songwriter and the author of the weekly column ‘Just for Men’ in the Vancouver Sun.
Gallery on-line: November 22, 2017          Last update: August 19, 2021
 Throckmorton Fine Art: New York, USA 6 item gallery 
Throckmorton Fine Art is an art gallery that specializes in vintage and contemporary Latin American photography, as well as antique Pre-Columbian artworks, and Chinese Jade and Antiquities.
Gallery on-line: April 28, 2003          Last update: March 27, 2021
 Xanadu Gallery: San Francisco, USA 77 item gallery 
Splendid artwork, icons, artifacts, textiles, and jewelry from South and Southeast Asia.
Gallery on-line: July 06, 2007          Last update: August 24, 2022
 Eleanor Abraham Asian Art: New York, USA 6 item gallery 
Eleanor Abraham began to collect Asian antiquities when she embarked upon her first career in Southeast Asia. She has been a dealer for 25 years. Her specialty is sculpture of stone and bronze from the 4th to 18th century from India, the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia. Outstanding tribal jewelry and embroidered village textiles are incorporated into her collection. Ms. Abraham previously had a gallery on East 57th Street in New York City. She now deals privately by appointment.
Gallery on-line: May 15, 2000          Last update: May 08, 2020
 Jewel of the Lotus: USA 6 item gallery 
Jewel of the Lotus is an international company which purveys magnificent antique adornments and artifacts from the Indian sub-continent. Jewel of the Lotus sells to private collectors as well as other fine art galleries, museums. They are enthusiastic about your interest and hope these works of art inspire you to contact them for more information.
Gallery on-line: March 14, 1997          Last update: January 14, 2019
 Thomas Murray: USA 6 item gallery 
Thomas Murray is a private dealer of Asian and Tribal art with an emphasis on Indonesian sculpture and textiles. He also features Indian printed cloth from the 13th-18th Centuries, and early Buddhist and Hindu works from South and Southeast Asia. He is a Contributing Editor for HALI, the International Magazine of Carpets and Textiles with over 30 publications to his name, including one on Himalayan Masks now up on the Asian Arts site.
Gallery on-line: January 16, 2001          Last update: August 15, 2018
 Walter Arader Gallery: New York, USA 3 item gallery 
Walter Arader Himalayan Art was founded in 2010. The primary focus of the gallery is sculpture and painting of Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, and Nepalese origin dating from the 8-18th centuries. Walter has dealt significant works of art to institutions such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Rubin Museum of Art, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, numerous public and semi-private museums in mainland China, as well as to numerous American, European, and Chinese private collections.
Gallery on-line: September 05, 2016          Last update: June 13, 2018
 Nancy Wiener Gallery Inc.: New York, USA 5 item gallery 
The Wiener name has been associated with Indian Himalayan and Southeast Asian antiquities since the late 1950's. Nancy Wiener continues the tradition and is recognized as one of the premier dealers in the field. In addition to classical sculpture and painting, the gallery focuses on decorative arts, jewelry, and 19th and 20th century photography. Objects purchased from the gallery are in major museums and private collections worldwide.
Gallery on-line: October 16, 1998          Last update: March 02, 2015
 Joel Cooner Gallery: USA 3 item gallery 
The Joel Cooner Gallery specializes in important Tribal, Asian, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian and Ancient artworks. They cater to the discerning collector and search the world for pieces with cultural significance and a distinctive presence.
Gallery on-line: February 24, 2006          Last update: September 18, 2015
 The Endless Knot Asian Art: Australia and USA 3 item gallery 
The Endless Knot Asian Art is a web based gallery that offers rare artworks of high quality as well as less expensive items to cater for new collectors at entry level. The directors have traveled extensively in Asia and between them have over fifty years experience as collectors and students of Asian Art.
Gallery on-line: September 30, 2010          Last update: May 18, 2012
 Cynthia Shaver: Belvedere, USA 2 item gallery 
Cynthia Shaver is an Accredited Senior Appraiser of Asian Art with the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). She is the author of the essay "Sashiko: A Japanese Stichery" in Beyond The Tanabata Bridge catalog from the Seattle Art Museum, and co-authored Hanten and Happi published by Shikosha.
Gallery on-line: July 25, 2000          Last update: May 14, 2021
 Peaceful Wind: Santa Fe, USA 121 item gallery 
Peaceful Wind of Santa Fe NM features the Art of the Himalayas, India and Southeast Asia in their on-line gallery pages, posted on since March 17 1995.
Gallery on-line: March 17, 1995          Last update: November 06, 2021
 Lotus Asian Art & Antiques: USA 3 item gallery 
Lotus Asian Art & Antiques Gallery brings together exquisite Asian artistry from the Neolithic period to today's prolific talents. Lotus houses antiquities and contemporary art from across Asia. Featured works include sculpture, fine pottery, paintings, textiles, and furnishings.
Gallery on-line: January 12, 2004          Last update: July 01, 2011
 PWContemporary: Santa Fe, USA 17 item gallery 
PWContemporary is dedicated to presenting the finest contemporary artists of the Himalayan region to our clients: we specialize in the work of artists from Lhasa, Tibet, and the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. We are affiliated with Peaceful Wind, and are located directly across the hall at our downtown Santa Fe location, upstairs in an old building a short walk from the Plaza.
Gallery on-line: July 23, 2009          Last update: August 07, 2012
 Indokain: Santa Fe, USA 3 item gallery 
A selection of fine Indonesian textiles. Connoisseurs of the Indonesian textile arts know the spell these rich earthy colors and scintillating patterns can cast.
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