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Re: Re: Chinese Auction Houses

Posted By: John M.
Posted Date: Jan 06, 2017 (02:21 PM)


After a bit of research I have put together a bio of Cheng Jiguang who does seem to be an established artist. Can anybody help me further?

"Cheng Jiguang, a well known contemporary Chinese artist, was born in Chongqing in 1956. He is an academician of the Contemporary Library of Calligraphy and Painting Academy of Arts, a committee member of the Chinese Arts Research Institute, a member of the Chongqi Artists Association, and a senior honorary advisor of the Singapore Shen Zhou Arts Academy. He has exhibited throughout the world and won numerous prizes for his realistic artworks. His work and biography is included in numerous publications such as The Chinese Expo and Collection Guide, the Florilegium of Chinese Artists and the Directory of Chinese Contemporary Celebrities."

I have also come across another of his works for sale at:

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