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Any info on this Chinese Mark on lid bowl

Posted By: rat
Posted Date: Nov 17, 2016 (11:42 AM)

Thanks for the added photos, the phoenix and dragon decoration suggests they were used in a wedding ceremony.

The mark is somewhat uncommon (your photo was upside down btw) and reads 新安俞乾生製, or "made by Yu Qiansheng (not an individual artist per se but a firm that took the name of its founder) of Xin'an." Plug those characters into Google and you'll find an array of items with similar marks. However, while they seem to want to be associated with late Qing/early Republic Qianjiang porcelain, your bowls seem to be neither Qianjiang nor late Qing/early Republic, more likely later Republic, though others can probably date them better than I can. Also a number of the pieces online seem to have marks that include your maker's name (though are not the same mark as yours), but are associated by their inscriptions with well-known Qianjiang painters. I think these are at best late Republic copies of works after well-known Qianjiang painters, or recent imitations of Republic items, but again await further input from others.

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