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Re: Blue & White Chinese? Open Salt

Posted By: Bill H.
Posted Date: Nov 16, 2016 (02:42 PM)

I'm much obliged to everyone for their responses. Some comments remind that the Chinese started using new European style porcelain molding machines at Jingdezhen during the late 19th-early 20th century, which technology began replacing the old low-beveled foot with countersunk center with a higher rim. Also, the French and Brits, who controlled inland transport in China around the same time, brought large quantities of Haviland and other European porcelain blanks to China for painting at the Canton workshops. See image below for an example.

It may be that this salt, or whatever other purpose for which it may have been used, came to China from Europe as a blank for decoration, or was molded in China using newly acquired technology. I think at this point that the answer, if one exists, probably lies in finding a match to the form. So back to the books for me it seems.

Thanks guys,

Bill H.

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